Whisky-Tasting In The Centre of Vienna

A whisky-tasting right in the centre of Vienna is an indulgence which stays with you. Precisely because the expert Alexander Huprich knows so much about this drink and together with the First American bar, he makes a great selection of top notch whiskeys that are representative for different regions all over the world. The good taste is a regular guest at these events!  


In the USA it’s called Whiskey!

Whisky constitutes a universe. Ranging from the classic single-malt from Scotland (Scotch) to something noble from japan and northern America, we even offer rye-whisky from Austria. During the two-hour tasting in the lounge room of the Viennese Cocktail bar, up to 40 people (quorum: 20 people) experience a lot about the wide variety of whiskeys as well as the history in an entertaining atmosphere. Even the local press wrote articles about it.  


Enjoying whisky in the centre of Vienna

The tasting usually starts at 7 p.m., at dawn. But drinking alone isn’t everything. As a suitable base, snacks and finger food are offered. That’s why the First American bar is perfect for company events and other celebrations. As a top address for Whiskeys, Gin and Rum the bar wows with its relaxed atmosphere.  


Whisky-Tasting as an event: Book now

For questions, appointments and more information (for tastings it’s 25€ per person. 20 people are necessary for a tasting to take place) our team is the perfect counterpart. We also offer gin and rum tastings. You can reach us from Monday to Saturday from 4 p.m. on. Just make your reservation online or: +43 1 5132207, mail: table@fab.test